App and Website design for Actimel campaign.

Vinizius Y&R came up with the following concept for this campaign: If you have a good start of the day, the rest of your day is going to be better.
So they translated this concept to across two platforms: a website and an App.
The App (a prototype) consisted on a subtle alarm clock. It would wake you up in a more natural way,
gradually increasing the light of your bedroom and displaying a series of natural sounds: birds, water falling, forest rain…
The website was based on a study that says that if you do something for 28 days in a row you create a habit,
so it would help you create this habit by having 28 consecutive good start of the day.
To do so, there were some interviews with sleep specialists and personal coaches,
experiments with people that accepted the challenge and ideas to start your day better.

My role was designing all the deliverables: All the screens of the App Prototype as well as all the screens the website would have.

Agency: Vinizius Young & Rubicam | July 2012

- Web Design, UX / UI, Advertising  -